Your elevator, your design, our craftsmanship!

Your elevator, your design, our craftsmanship!

  • Your elevator can be as elegant or simple as you want.
  • We can install it almost anywhere conceivable.
  • We work around your schedule.

By definition, symmetry is a balance of all dimensions and objects around a particular axis. At Symmetry Elevating Solutions, we believe you, the customer, are the axis. Since it’s your elevator, and since it’s in your home, we believe that it only makes sense that it should be your design as well. It’s thus our goal to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Your Symmetry elevator is yours to plan out and with us, the options are almost endless. From paneling and flooring, gates and doors, to lighting, drive mechanisms and varying safety features, you have a complete say. Whether you want your new elevator to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings or stand out for everyone to see, you decide and we comply.

Just a few years ago, technology and costs put limits on where an elevator could be feasibly placed. Now, with new innovations constantly being made, those limits are being shattered. Whether you want your elevator in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or family room, we can install it. There are even options that completely do away with the machine room, saving you space and money.

Symmetry Elevating Solutions will also work around your schedule. That means you can customize the hours as well. We understand that you’re a busy individual, so you decide when your elevator will be installed.

With that said, feel free to call us for a consultation today. With Symmetry, you’re the architect of your brand new elevator!