Your home elevator is your ticket to better access to your home.

Your home elevator is your ticket to better access to your home.

  • The number of Americans with disabilities is increasing.
  • Your home elevator will give you increased independence.
  • An elevator will increase the real estate value of your home.
  • Modern innovation means that a new elevator can be installed almost anywhere.
According to the most recent census taken by the U.S. Government, more than 20 percent of our population is in some way disabled. In other words, 1 in 5 Americans have a disability. With the aging of the previous generation, that number is only expected to increase. Unfortunately, this means that these people who worked hard for their homes are often having to leave these homes behind for single-story homes or assisted living.

Symmetry Elevating Solutions, however, offers a much more desirable alternative. We don’t see why you should have to leave your home behind or settle for a one-story life. That’s why our elevators are not so much a status symbol, (unless you want it to be) but a sign of your independence. A Symmetry elevator is the perfect solution for someone who wants to live life on their own terms!

An elevator is also a smart long-term investment for your home. With the increase in disabled Americans, demand for these elevators is only expected to grow. If the time ever does come to sell your home, this will be a desirable feature for a buyer who is disabled or has a loved one with a disability. The addition of a home elevator can thus increase the value of your residence by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since home elevators are in ever-increasing demand, new innovations are constantly being made. Because of this, a home elevator can be placed almost anywhere. There are even models available which completely cut out the expensive machine room! These of course are offered by Symmetry, who can install your elevator in virtually any room in your residence.

That being said, if you want greater mobility and independence, access to any room, and wish to increase the value of your home for future buyers, a home elevator is a wise decision. And if you want professional service and a top-notch home elevator, then Symmetry Elevating Solutions is an even wiser one.