When an elevator is a must, we’re the experts.

When an elevator is a must, we’re the experts.

  • All commercial buildings with more than one story require an elevator.
  • We offer well-priced LU/LA elevators for these settings.
  • Symmetry can customize your commercial lift

Opening a new office building? If so, there are a few things to consider. More specifically, you will need to make sure your new building is completely handicap-accessible- and that means a new elevator!

According to requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, all new office buildings with more than one story are required to have an elevator for the use of disabled persons. This isn’t just a recommendation or a sales pitch; it’s the law in all 50 states. Your new building needs a commercial elevator and luckily, Symmetry Elevating Solutions is just as qualified in the commercial sector as they are in the residential one.

Our main product for this requirement is the Limited Use/Limited Application elevator. These elevators are small and compact, designed for light use. A much more compact and less pricey alternative to the larger commercial elevators on market, the LU/LA is designed for two to four story buildings. It is a smooth, quiet and safe elevator model that meets all requirements set by the ADA.

Like our residential elevators, the commercial LU/LA can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It is a custom elevator with you, the client, as the main focus. This means that it can and will match the décor of your office, while meeting the needs of your business.