Our students deserve the best- here’s how you can give it to them!

Our students deserve the best- here’s how you can give it to them!

  • Elevators are ADA required.
  • Elevators can make school easier for disabled students.
  • Our LU/LA elevators are ideal for school settings.

School can be a difficult time for any child, but that can be especially true if that child suffers from a disability. The adversities they face can range from bullying and alienation to difficulty learning and falling behind in their studies. School, however can be made a bit easier.

The installation of a commercial elevator in the school will give access to all floors for a student. In addition to greater independence, this will also give the student a greater sense of normalcy.

According to requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, all school buildings with more than one story are required to have an elevator for the use of disabled persons. This isn’t just a recommendation or a sales pitch; it’s the law in all 50 states. Luckily, Symmetry Elevating Solutions is just right for the job.

Our main product for this requirement is the Limited Use/Limited Application elevator. These elevators are small and compact, designed for light use. A much more compact and less pricey alternative to the larger commercial elevators on market, the LU/LA is designed for two to four story buildings. It is a smooth, quiet and safe elevator model that meets all requirements set by the ADA.