Symmetry Elevating Solutions takes pride in all of the lifts we create, but these are the best of the best.

Residential Elevator Showcase

    Residential Elevator in Glass and Stainless Steel - Miami Beach, FL.

    • Located on the 19th floor overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
    • The elevator travels from the 1st floor to the rooftop where the owners Jacuzzi and a beautiful view await.
    • This is a custom designed enclosure in #4 brushed stainless steel with  1/4" laminated safety glass.

    • The process of installing the Elevator took several days to complete from delivery to completion.  

    • The whole project from signing of contract to install and inspection was 6 months.


The Elevator

The Elevator structure, motor and controller were installed in 1 day.

The cab assembly, operating controls and wiring were done in 2 days.   There were 2 Access Lift & Elevator team members involved.

The elevator installation included a powered door and gate operator. 

The enclosure and hoistway construction were a joint effort in cooperation between the general contractor and a local fabricator and the glass company.

With stainless steel and glass downstairs, this elevator transitioned into a standard drywall hoistway accessing additional floors.

A unique application of a pitless elevator was required, due to the residence being on the 19th floor.

This project has created approximately 6 leads and another job for the exact same cab.